Poker Top Ten:1, Phil Ivey in the World Series of Poker Part 2

Day eight was not easy for Ivey, fans or media. The rail was crowded with several rows of spectators watching the action. Everyone seemed a bit anxious. One by one, players were being eliminated and with each name removed Ivey came closer and closer to the list of the short stacks.

When the final ten players met in the last table, Ivey sat as one of the shorter stacks, and many people wondered whether Ivey once again finish tenth, making the final table bubble and made official in 2003.

If you were just a few meters from the table, you could sense that everyone in the room were encouraging Ivey Amazon. Every time Phil looked at his chips or cards, fans held their breath. Finally the bubble burst exploded when the Moon Darvin Jordan Smith aces with two eights.

While Moon was an overwhelming advantage of chips with 58 million chips that was July to November, were Ivey and 9.7 million cards that were the talk of the town, the media and in general all poker world.

Phil Ivey became the first poker player to appear on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. An article would be written for the magazine of the same editorial “E: 60.” The article continued to Ivey for a few days, commenting on Ivey lifestyle full of betting millions of dollars, private jets and VIP treatment Each casino that puts the foot. was among the first times that the life of a professional poker player was introduced to the world in a positive light.

When the big day finally arrived in November, he turned to see clearly that Ivey was the center of attention. The fans were queuing hours before the doors opened in the Penn & Teller theater hoping to get a front row seat to see the attempt to make history Ivey. Code Bonus Titan Poker

Every time Ivey was on a boat, the public was kept in uneasy silence and then burst of emotion, either because Ivey won the hand or in frustration if the lost.

After what seemed an eternity of being just on the average, Ivey finally found himself in a position to bend and can have a serious chance of winning the bracelet when he was all-in-Clubs) (a (k-Spades) and found that Moon, the only had a hand in paying lower-Diamonds (a) (q-Spades). Unfortunately, Moon connect a queen on the flop and Ivey did not receive assistance from the turn or the river, being thus eliminating a disappointing seventh.

Although the seventh place may not have satisfied Ivey, the path that led him to caught the attention of fans and the general media and in our view does the story of the year.

The biggest star of the game of poker was present in the largest stage, being the center of attention than any other poker player or event has ever seen.

Although able to repeat this performance in 2010 is very unlikely, Ivey responded to the question “Noted poker authority” of “when will we see you at another final table?” With a smile and a “Next year, probably . We have no doubt that if anyone can do it, is Phil Ivey. search for poker in google