Poker profits and income tax

Poker profits and income tax

Poker – whether online or offline – is a popular pastime. Be – we should ‘not believe it – this is even operate professionally and practice this as a profession. Since you can win at poker money, some players may have already asked the question as it looks for with the profits for tax purposes.

In principle, this question can be found that it – arrives on the individual case – as almost always in life.

Who runs legal poker as a leisure activity achieved revenue from legal gambling(

Unlike the recreational player, the story is the professional players:

This made pursuant to § 15 of the Income Tax Act (Income Tax), business income, which must also be taxed. To this end there have been two relevant decisions of the Federal Financial Court, which underpinned these legal positions. Where the line between recreational and professional players, is to be primarily at the time used for gambling (the majority of working time is spent playing poker?) And fixed to the serious and sustainable profit. The Federal Tax Court was in one case at a time of six hours daily use and a profit of € 1,500 from a professional. Relevant to the tax calculation by the way, the actual revenue received. This means that all can work as part of the poker incurred expenses are recognized. A detailed record of all expenditures should therefore be obvious to a professional player.

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