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English Roulette

As for the French Roulette the roulette wheel has 37 slots numbered English from 0 to 36: 18 boxes are red, 18 are black boxes, and a green box is for the number zero.

The difference between the French roulette is the fact that the number of players at a table is limited to 7 people seated. The players stand on one side of the table or end table, the other two sides being reserved to the dealer and the head table. Thus the sites for updates on the Dozens and bets are grouped on one side of the mat gaming. Free Online Pokies Australia

If Exit Zero placed on the bets are automatically shared with the bank (not “put in jail” as the French roulette).

7 players each have its own colour of chips, to avoid any possible dispute between players at this level. They are tokens of value in different colours for each player.

The value of your colour chips is the minimum allowed at the table. Thus, at a table where the minimum bet is 5 €, the value of your colour chips will be 5 € per token. However, you can request that the value of your chips is stronger, but still a multiple of the minimum bet.

The colour chips are handled manually by the dealer. The chips are losers together and put in a hole for this purpose in the table, and pass into a sorter that automatically set the same colour chips, avoiding the dealer to do this work.