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Rules & Red Dog Poker Strategy

Casino Bonus CodesThe Red Dog Poker rules are very simple. The cards are ranked in the same way as traditional poker: aces cards are superior to others, regardless of colour. The first player receives two cards of the dealer, after only placing the ante (or Ante), which amount may vary. When two cards are consecutive (4, 5), we consider a draw and stakes are returned. When the cards are identical, the player receives a third card. If the third card is identical to the first two, the player wins and is paid 11 to 1. Otherwise, the game is considered void. Some variants of the game allow players to bet depending on whether the third card will be higher or lower than the first two identical cards. Casino Bonus Codes

If both cards have a gap (so they are neither identical nor consecutive) the player can choose whether to restart. Here raise or bid means doubling the original bet. This is the only opportunity for you to change your bet poker Red Dog, an important point of the strategy of poker Red Dog.

The difference is the number of cards located between the two cards dealt exclusively. Examples: Ace, 4 and 7 have a difference of 2 (5, 6) Ace, King 9 and have a difference of 3 (10, V, D). When the third card is dealt if it lays between the two cards (or in the gap of two cards) the player wins. The Red Dog poker rules stipulate that a deviation card is a 5 to 1, a difference of 2 is 4 to 1, and a difference of 3 is 2 to 1 and that any deviation is greater than the amount of the bet made.

So your best strategy Red Dog Poker is to bet (bid) on a gap of 7 or more. The table below lists the statistical advantages for any difference of 7 or more. The higher earnings are possible when betting on smaller gaps help maintain the house advantage over 20%. This strategy is not very profitable for the player. read more