Poker Top Ten: # 1, Phil Ivey in the World Series of Poker titan

While many may argue that the arrival in recent months of the year “Isildur1” a high stakes tables online should take first place in the Top Ten 2009, no story has resonated this year as the involvement of Phil Ivey at the final table Main Event World Series of Poker.

Ivey’s attempt to get the holy grail of poker in July and November, not only kept the poker world in suspense, but made major general sports media were also attentive … a combination that gives the Ivey First 2009.

After a disappointing 2008 WSOP, which saw Ivey lost several million dollars in side bets in the WSOP 2009 Phil Ivey would make much more than compensate the losses incurred in 2008.  poker titan

It was not long before Ivey captured his sixth WSOP bracelet. Although short of chips spent much of the final table of eight event, no limit deuce to seven low-ball Ivey used his great poker skills to decimate your competition one by one. While the first prize was “only” $ 96,000 award, heard reports that the bracelet was to him in a side bet a large sum of money estimated between $ 200,000 and 12 $ million according to the source.

Unfortunately for his opponents, Ivey was not finished with the 2009 WSOP. A week after winning another bracelet again, this time in an event of Omaha Hi / Lo Seven-Card Stud Hi / Lo.  read more

It was the bracelet number seven for Phil, $ 220,000 in proceeds from the tournament, and once again a side bet undetermined amount, again probably more than 7 digits.

In a year that saw several players to win multiple bracelets at the WSOP, the two already obtained Ivey mid-June only to the world of poker had surrendered to his enormous skills. If anyone doubted that very possibly the best poker player in the world, WSOP 2009, they were making it clear.

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Ivey had another great performance in late June, after finishing eighth in the $ 5,000 no-limit hold’em shoot-out, but it was not until July 7 that the real fireworks started this story.

After each day of the WSOP Main Event (which came from “re-hook” after spending all night playing high stakes cash in bobby’s room), Ivey’s name was becoming more and more about the top of the chip count. For the fifth day, Ivey had passed the million-dollar mark with 1.4 million chips. Was evident that he was on a mission to prove once and for all that is the best poker player in the world.

During the sixth day, the poker world only had eyes for Phil Ivey in his room in the main event that came off during the decade. While other well-known professionals were also in competition as Joe Sebok, Antonio Esfandiari and Tom Schneider, the attention was on Ivey. He finished sixth day in third place with over 6 million in chips, and when the seventh day ended with more than 11 million chips, just one more day of rest game until November, it appeared that Ivey would be a safe component the final table and the “November Nine” in 2009.